GSM Intercoms

GSM Audio Intercom

SS91BV-M GSM Intercom is a door station  but it does not need communication with another home station, as it rings your landline or mobile phone . It is a new entrance intercom system working on the GSM network. You can answer the door and talk with the visitor from any location when someone visits, and SS91BV-M also provides the access control feature for 1152 users.
This Intercom requires a Vodafone or 2 Degree's Sim Card. It will not work on the Telecom Network


GSM Intercom with Keypad

GSM Keypad

GSM Keypad (1.576MB)

Panasonic Colour Video Intercom

Panasonic Colour Video Intercom with Cordless Handpiece

Aiphone Video Intercom's

Aiphone have a Great Selection of Colour Video Intercom's

Aiphone Intercom's

Aiphone have a great selection of Audio intercoms

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